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Café Mathildedal

Café offers delicious homemade sweet and savoury delicacies – made with proud and passion. How about a cup of coffee with a piece of cake in an atmosphere full of old-fashioned feeling? Large oval windows bring natural light inside and let you just enjoy. Drop in and feel like home – such a delight for your mind and body.

Hotel Mathildedal’s tasty breakfast is available here. Local and small producers’ juice, jam, coffee, tea, decoration and other products are the basis of our little shop. Here you can loan and buy second-hand books or even recycle your own (books).

Café is open 30.11-21.12 Sat-Sun 10-16 and after our winterbreak we will open again 15.2.2020.


Teijo National Park’s warm hut is inviting groups to enjoy e.g. soup or soft blazed salmon made by Kota Restaurant, open upon request. How about some coffee made over an open fire?