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National Park

National Park – Matildanjärvi

Teijo National Park in Mathildedal invites you to walk, hike, canoe and fish around Matilda Lake – to enjoy peacefulness and nature. Lean-to shelters let you rest for a while. Sitting on a rock admiring the view ahead makes it just perfect! Staying over in the open air in Tentsile treetent, wilderness cabin, caravan area or in the idyllic Hotel Mathildedal makes your stay even better.

Trees are waiting for your hugs!



Teijo National Parks and Visitsalo info is situated by Hotel & Café Mathildedal, Ruukinrannantie 6, 25660 Mathildedal. We give hiking advice and tips on different places to visit. You can get maps and brochures, buy picnic lunch and souvenirs, or enjoy our fresh food and café services on site. For a larger group, we offer guided hikes and open fire dinners on pre-booking. We help the adventurers to find the perfect nature experinces. Hiking, cycling, geocaching, stand up paddling, rowing – you name it. It’s worth to taste some bilberries and lingonberries in summertime.

From us you can rent a rowing boats, canoes or sup-board as well as rent a sauna or buy fishing lisences.

Contact & reservations: +358 44 3300082 or teijo@mathildedal.fi

Wilderness cabin – Kalamajat

Lippa and Vaappu wilderness cabins are situated near by the Lake Matilda in the forest. They fir perfectly for adventurers who enjoy the nature, peacefullness and simple travel without amenities.

Caravan Parking

Parking area is situated by the Lake Matilda. The caravan places can be rented from the Info. Matilda Lake and national park’s trails are waiting for you to explore!

Tentsile Experience EcoCamp

Tentsile Experience EcoCamp – an ecological and experiencefull forest hotel – offers carbon footprint friendly accommodation with high quality. The tree tents are placed by the sceneryfull view to Lake Matilda in Teijo National Park. Tentsile is a new alternative for traditional camping. It is nature friendly and will not leave any marks to the environment.

We want to offer this unique oppurtunity to hikers and travellers to experience authentism of the nature with a touch of natural luxury – ecoglamping. Tentsile is a safe way to enjoy the nature 24/7. It creates a dialog between the camper and the nature around, nature experience with unique sounds, smells and views.

The use of indoor toilet and shower are included.

Enjoy the silence and midnight sun all night long!