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Place where the modern world meets the spirit of the olden days. We are a small family-owned hotel and café at Mathildedal Ironworks. The Mathildedal village is 25 km from Salo, 75 km from Turku and 130 km from Helsinki. Our hotel and café are located in this historic two storey building. The hotel rooms are on the top floor of the building and are decorated in loft style and respecting the history of the area.

Our cafe, Café Mathildedal, is located on the ground floor of the hotel. The café always offers fresh cinnamon buns and other delicacies. Breakfast and lunch available during the summer season. Our cafe is wonderfully bright thanks to the large windows. The windows have a view of the water wheel spinning in Matilda stream.

In addition to our hotel and cafe, we have five hotel-level Rooftop Rooms built in shipping containers on the roof of the old assembly hall. The landscape windows of the Rooftop Rooms offer an atmospheric and soothing landscape to the historic ironworks area. The Rooftop Rooms are very suitable for those who want a little experience or a serene atmosphere.

Mathildedal Ironworks - Mathildedalin Ruukkitehtaat - the area where our services are located was originally an iron smelter built in the 1850s.  by Viktor Zebor Bremer. At that time, Mathildedal was still known as Hummeldahl, but in 1853 Bremer changed the name to Mathildedal, after his wife Ottiliana Mathilda Rehbinder. The name Mathildedal is Swedish and means Mathilda’s valley. The romantic history behind the village's name is also reflected in the present day, as many wedding parties are organized at the Ironworks!

In addition to rich history, beautiful old buildings and our own services, Ruukkitehtaat has many shops and a restaurant. We also offer meeting and group services. Our conference room is located in the old ironstorage. Despite the historic building, the meeting space is equipped with modern meeting technology.

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